A Silver Obsession…

I hate to admit it, but I am silver jewellery obsessed! I might even go as far as to say I am addicted. I’ve always thought that being blonde, gold jewellery just looks odd on me, so silver has always been my ‘metal’…

That being said, the first step to overcome any addiction is to admit it, and I am bearing all; I am addicted to silver jewellery, and Jewellery Box are not helping me to overcome this addiction, one little bit!

Instagram, in recent months, seems to have literally been flooded with images of bracelets and rings from Jewellery Box, and after months of resistance, I just couldn’t help myself! When I first clicked onto the site, I almost cried with delight at how affordable everything I fell in love with was… I could treat myself and not feel any guilt!

The knot ring was the first item that caught my eye; it was dainty, but beautiful! It fits perfectly on my fourth finger, and it’s light enough that I often forget I’m even wearing it! It came in the cutest branded box, which in itself was adorable, and I felt like a little kid at Christmas opening it…

The second item was a super sweet wishbone anklet… The second obsession in my life are anklets; there are currently ten around my ankles, and it honestly doesn’t seem like an obsession that’s ceasing anytime in the near future! As soon as I saw the wishbone, I fell in love, and I plan on returning to buy the matching wishbone pendant (once it’s back in stock!) and the cord bracelet for my boyfriend!

Both the anklet and the ring cost just over £5 each, and the site offers free delivery over £10… How was I supposed to say ‘no’?! They both arrived the next working day too, an amazingly quick turnover that pleased my super impatient self! While both pieces were affordable, they were really great quality, which I admittedly wasn’t expecting, considering the price…

I am so pleased with both items, and will most definitely be ruturning to purchase from the site again – unsuprisingly, I already have a few other pieces added to my wishlist!

16 thoughts on “A Silver Obsession…

  1. I worked with these a while ago and loved them SO MUCH! They are going to be huge because everyone is talking about them. I adore that wishbone anklet! I love feet jewellery and wear toe rings but never anklets – I bet this will look super pretty (: xx

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  2. This is sooo cute! I have never heard of this brand before so thank you for sharing! I love anklets, they are so cute!! I also followed you 🙂 would appreciate a follow back!

    Sophia xo //

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