10 Goals, 10 Years…

Only a month shy of my twentieth birthday, a scary prospect in itself, I have decided to set myself ten ‘goals’ for the next ten years! I am determined to make something of myself over the next decade, to work hard, while also having some fun along the way, and eventually begin to settle down into adulthood…

Be more confident and less afraid…

I’ve decided to start here, because recently, this is something that has been driving myself, and probably those around me, almost insane! I need to learn that certain things are out of my control, and the outcome of such events are simply things that I have to ‘deal with’! I want to be less afraid of the future, of financial instability and where I’ll be in one, two, five years time… As much as I cannot not plan for the future, I want to be less afraid of what it might hold for me, and let fate take it’s course!

Travel, explore. go an adventures…

Travelling has always been a passion of mine, and the wanderlust has become stronger and stronger in recent years! There are so many places that I would love to visit – Thailand, New Zealand, Indonesia, Hungary, New York, Santorini – to name but a few, and I am determined to tick at least one, in the next ten years, off of my list!

Hit £20,000…

As many of you may know from a previous post, around six months ago, I hit my target of saving £10,000! Over the next ten years, I’d love to save a further £10,000 and have recently had a head start of working towards this goal!

Move out…

Oxford is ridiculously expensive, and while buying a house is the ultimate goal, I understand that unless something crazy happens to the housing market here anytime soon, there is little to no chance of me buying… Moving out, however, seems a slightly more feasible goal!

Adopt a pet…

Loki, my dream French Bulldog! My boyfriend will probably be surprised to see that this isn’t actually my first goal, because it’s something I talk about so often… I will eventually be the proud owner of a fur baby!

Learn to cook…

I, admittedly, am not the best cook in the entire world… Whether this involves watching videos, using cook books, or spending time in the kitchen with my mother (when she actually does cook!), I really want to learn a few dishes well, and I, at least once, would love to take control of Christmas Dinner!

Try new foods…

This kind of ties in with the last goal, but I am the fussiest eater in the entire world! I want to become a little more adventurous with my food, and not be scared about the idea, simply because there are other foods I don’t enjoy!

Stay close to my best friend…

We’ve survived fourteen, fifteen years so far, and I am determined that this will continue throughout our twenties! We may not live within walking distance anymore, and we may not see each other every day, but she will always be my best friend and absolutely nothing can change that!

Be more creative…

Write more, read more, invest more time on myself! I want to spend less time aimlessly scrolling through social media, and more time creating ‘that’ content or reading ‘that’ book, instead of putting it off and ‘leaving it until tomorrow’!

∙ Be truly and blissfully happy…

When I hit thirty (an even scarier prospect!), I want to look back at my 20’s and think, ‘I was happy’… I want to take risks, make ‘bad’ decisions and mistakes, mess things up a little, and not be afraid!

“No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep!”



23 thoughts on “10 Goals, 10 Years…

  1. Wow how did you manage to save so much money? 😀
    I’m also a really fussy eater but I think I got so much better with food! I definitely gave more types of food a chance and I know more about what I like and don’t like. Still loads of foods I haven’t tried though!
    It’s a great list and good luck with all of that!
    Julia xx

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  2. It’s always such a good idea to set yourself some goals, I find them incredibly motivating so I’m sure that this post will be an ideal pick-me-up to reflect back on when you’re feeling a lack of direction! Learning to cook and trying new foods will definitely be a positive, going to uni forced me to learn to cook and I’m so glad it has, as I find it so relaxing now! Huge congrats on your saving achievement too, I’m sure you’ll hit £20k no bother!

    Abbey 👑

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    1. Having goals always helps me to achieve I find! I cannot wait to learn to cook, I just want to master a few dishes, not become Gordon Ramsey, so it can’t be that hard! Thankyou 🙊


  3. Firstly, I need to know your secret to saving money. I can’t even save up £50, I get too tempted by clothes haha. Also, I hope you manage to get your French Bulldog called Loki haha x
    Claire |

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    1. Honestly, setting yourself a target and increasing it every time you hit it is the easiest way! You feel like you’re constantly achieving something, even if it’s only small.. 🙊


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