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My Birthday Wishlist…

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I cannot believe that in less than forty days, I turn 20… How can I be an adult?!

One of the ‘worst’ – an obviously ironic use of the word – things about an impending birthday, is the dreaded question, ‘what do you want for your birthday?’

Throughout the year, there are always so many things that I ‘want’ but often talk myself out of buying, but as soon as it comes to my birthday, my mind goes blank! So, every year, my answer is always the same – “There’s nothing I want!”

I hate asking for things – I’m a fully grown almost-adult, with a stable income and the ability to buy myself things as and if the want arises, and asking for things from others is one of my worst nightmares!

However, my boyfriend has insisted on a list and, after fighting for ages, I have caved…

3 Metre iPhone Charger..

The words ‘easily pleased’ definitely come to mind! My cable broke a couple of weeks back, and I cannot deal with my standard length iPhone charger.. It’s like a wrestling match every night! I just want to be able to lay in bed and scroll through my feeds, is that too much to ask for?!

RCMA No Colour Powder and LA Girl Concealer

I received the RCMA No Colour Powder as a Christmas present, and I absolutely it! I have about a quarter of the pot left, which is amazing value for money, as it has become a staple in my everyday makeup routine..

Gods of the Makeup World, I am praying to you that the Porcelain LA Girl Concealer is pale enough for me – Casper the Friendly Ghost!

ASDA Biscuit Bedding and Cushions

Not only a practical present, but also a combination of two things dear to my heart – biscuits and my bed! I’ve had my eye on this set for absolutely ages, but kept talking myself out of it as I really don’t need any more bedding.. I guess one more set won’t hurt!

Argos Grey and Copper Touch Table Lamps

We moved back in April, and I hadn’t found a pair of bedside lamps that I loved, until now… I love the copper colour, and my room is all black, white, grey and copper, so these will match perfectly!

∙ Pipdig Theme and My Own Domain…

I have been obsessed for so long – I have my heart set on Crystal! Again, for me, both of these are practical presents and are things that would be purchased irrespective of whether they are gifted or bought by myself… I’m super excited, I cannot wait!

Do you normally write a list for your birthday, or do you prefer surprises?


14 thoughts on “My Birthday Wishlist…

  1. How did I read this as you were turning 40, maybe I should get some sleep. I hope you can get everything you wish for and am excited for you to become self hosted! I love my pipdig theme it was the best investment I’ve made. & them lamps are gorgeous!! Happy early birthday xx

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  2. I know exactly what you mean, there’s always so many things I ‘want’ but I just hate asking people to buy me them even if it’s Christmas or my birthday? It just seems odd doesn’t it? But anyway! I love your list, everything sounds so lovely especially those lamps and bedding!

    Ellie x

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