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Drowning In A World Of Self Love…


“Self-consciousness” – An undue awareness of one’s actions, one’s appearance, or one’s self…

It’s the feeling that you’re being judged for wearing shorts, even in extremely warm heat. It’s the feeling that you might swallow your tongue, while ordering food in a restaurant. It’s the feeling that everyone is staring at you, and only you – your actions, your voice, your body…

What happens to a girl, in a world of body positivity and self love, who is yet to learn to love herself?

I look on at my reflection in the mirror – ‘love yourself’ running through my mind – and I think, I can’t; maybe not ever, but definitely not yet! My thighs are thick, my stomach chubby, my nose slightly too podgy to be classed as a ‘cute, button nose’…

It’s painful to admit, but it really does affect every aspect of your life – from your friendships, to your relationships, to your family – the thoughts that you are not as amazing and not as worthy as everyone else, lingers constantly at the back of your mind! Your family, friends, partners, telling you that “you’re just being silly”, and yet, nothing changes…

It’s something that I’ve struggled with for a ridiculously long time, and something I fear will never go away! I’ve tried to change, physically, but psychologically, my mind set stays the same…

I, personally, have made improvements! Silly as it may sound, I used to hate my height and subsequently, the size of my feet – I, for years, hated the fact that I was the tallest in my year group, and that my friends were all so petite and perfect… However, I’m 5’8 and I love it!

Social media now-a-days is constantly filled with ideas and thoughts of self love – body positivity is everywhere, and girls of all ages are embracing their bodies, which is, of course, absolutely amazing! Instagram is packed full of bikini-beach shots, underwear selfies and videos of girls dancing in their underwear, and it’s difficult to convince yourself that you are just as amazing as the girls that fill your feed..

However, just because you’re not ‘quite’ at that stage of self love yet – if a bikini shot on social media still sends shivers down your spine – does not mean that you have failed yourself… After years of struggling and fighting with your own thoughts, it’s a hard task to learn to love the ‘real you’!

If you’ve already learn to love yourself, I am so proud – be sure to encourage those around you, and teach them your ways! If you’re still learning to love yourself – and many of us still are – however far you’ve come, your journey so far, is something in itself to be proud of and may your journey ahead be calm and refreshing and short…

‘You are amazing, and so, so worthy!’


28 thoughts on “Drowning In A World Of Self Love…

  1. Beautifully written! Self love is so important – I have good days, and low days and I think it’s important for us to try and feel proud of ourselves and our bodies! But yes, like you said, with social media, it can be difficult! Really like the quote you used at the end too!
    Lovely, honest relatable post! xx

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  2. I love this post – I recently wrote about why I didn’t love my body and crossed some of the points you did here in a world of social media it’s hard to, especially when self love and body positivity are so important now days. I’ve been making improvements too x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿


  3. It does take a long time to change your mind about something you have believed for so long. That is why I am trying to renew my mind to self-love and acceptance. So maybe one day I would wear something that I have avoided because of my body.

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  4. I love this! I think this is a great reminder that not only are we all at different stages in our learning to love ourselves, but we also do it differently, although social media often tells us how it thinks we should practice self love. Love this post, thanks for sharing!! πŸ™‚

    Jaycee |

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  5. Great post. I struggle with this too. Still so hard for me to post photos of myself as I’m so insecure, but I’m trying! Admire the girls who do Instagram their bikini shots etc but it’s not for me- like you say, some people just aren’t there yet!

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  6. Great post! I did a post not too long ago about something quite similar; my crippling self esteem issues and subsequent eating disorders that went with it. It was difficult to write & unfortunately all too common. Personally, I don’t think social media has helped me. If anything, it’s made me worse. Despite all the blog photos drilling in to you that you should love yourself. It’s a difficult thing to deal with but like you, I’ve made some tiny improvements! xxx


  7. Great post!☺️

    Self-love is definitely a difficult one! I find it weird sometimes to think that I love myself for who I am as a person while simultaneously not being able to love my body. But perhaps that’s just part of the process?

    Best of luck to everyone on their own journey to self-love & acceptance!

    Rebecca xo

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  8. I just wrote a post on body confidence too and I agree it’s just so important to grow the self love we have for ourselves. It definetely is easier said than done especially as their may be many images on social media that we want to aspire to. But with body positivity spreading it does make the journey for accepting ourselves that little bit easier xx

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